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Detective Tony:
The Case of the Sinister Sandwich

Video Game Info:


Detective Tony: The Case of the Sinister Sandwich is a lighthearted, murder mystery visual novel inspired by games like Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Danganronpa, and more! Follow Tony and his Assistant/Intern, Eliza, as they try and crack the case of the mysterious death that happened during this lovely picnic. 


Status: Released

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity


Timing: 1 month game game jam, 2024

Team: 6 people


Tasks and Responsibilities:

I worked as a 3D Artist and as a 3D artist, I was in charge of creating all the 3D models and majority of the textures. The 3D models and textures were kept at a low-mid poly style to match the 2D artists style. 


Created By:

Concept and
In-Game Assets:

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